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Upgrade: pgCenter 0.9.0 is out!

Since the last pgCenter release I’ve been working on some new improvements and now it’s time to introduce you to pgCenter 0.9.0.

Here are a few key features and fixes introduced in this release:

  • session statistics from pg_stat_database (Postgres 14);
  • WAL usage statistics from pg_stat_wal (Postgres 14);
  • progress statistics about running COPY commands from pg_stat_progress_copy (Postgres 14);
  • filesystem stats for top utility;
  • extended statistics about tables sizes;
  • support for millisecond resolution for record and report utilities;
  • naming convention for columns names.

The above items and other changes are explained in more detail in the release notes.

As always, if you have any issues or suggestions write in comments below or open discussions.

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